[kde-solaris] Recommendations for new machine

Brian Foddy brian.foddy at nwa.com
Tue May 11 19:01:05 CEST 2004

Alex Stade wrote:

>On Tuesday 11 May 2004 11:35 am, Brian Foddy wrote:
>>Another option is to build for Solaris 8 using the Sun Workshop compiler,
>>we have Workshop 6 update 2 running.  I think we have a newer
>>major release (7) somewhere, but its not our default.
>> If I take this approach, it would be helpful to have some
>>build script hints.
>In a conversation with Stefan a while back, he suggested that we (users of Sun 
>Workshop compilers) keep up with suggesting that KDE needs to be developed 
>with Workshop in mind as well as GCC. Apparently there is a lot of code 
>changes that need to be made in order to build a KDE with Sun Workshop. There 
>are several performance benefits with using Sun Workshop on the SPARC/Solaris 
>I have personally not attempted a build of KDE with Sun Workshop since, but 
>why don't you fire away and mail the list when/if you run into problems? =}

I'm not opposed to building it on Workshop, but I can't spend the time
to re-do all the effort Stefan has already done to make the package
build on Workshop.  If its case of applying a set of patches and
launch a  build script (maybe with minor mods) then I can try that.


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