[kde-solaris] Recommendations for new machine

Brian Foddy brian.foddy at nwa.com
Tue May 11 18:35:21 CEST 2004

Looking for recommendations for how best to proceed with a brand-new

My old machine (Ultra 30) running Solaris 8 and a personally built kde 
3.1.x on gcc 3.2.
I have a tarball of /usr/local preserved that I can simply transfer.  
But I'd
like to do some upgrades while I'm at it.

The new machine (a Sunblade 1500) is still running Solaris 8, sorry
upgrading to 9 is not feasible at this time.

I was planning on loading Stefan's prebuilt kde 3.2 packages, but according
to the readme it won't work on Solaris 8; bummer...

If I proceed to build my own new version, then besides having to obtain
lots of packages, I now see gcc 3.4 is out, with some ABI bug fixes for
Solaris (and hence incompatibility).  Should I jump to 3.4 and
start from scratch?  Or something older?

Another option is to build for Solaris 8 using the Sun Workshop compiler,
we have Workshop 6 update 2 running.  I think we have a newer
major release (7) somewhere, but its not our default.
 If I take this approach, it would be helpful to have some
build script hints.

Any ideas of the best way to proceed?  In the past, I generally only
build the basic packages and pim.


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