[kde-solaris] Re: kde-solaris Digest, Vol 16, Issue 3

Héctor López Romero hector at uni-bielefeld.de
Thu Jul 15 15:29:39 CEST 2004

Hello Stefan,

> Could you add the following flags to CXX:
> -verbose=template -instances=extern -template=extdef,geninlinefuncs
> This will force the compiler to print to stdout the template 
> generation phase verbose and it shows whether or not the 
> QStringList::operator+= has actually been instantiated.
> I would suggest that you rebuild this library from scratch with these 
> new flags and save this output to a file (makes it easier to seach 
> for operator+=).

I tried already this option, but the displayed info does n't help.
I decided to look on all the files on the sub-directory and search on 
the files that contain the character "QSTringList". After that I just 
tried to remplace the += command for <<, because  "<<" is already 
defined on the qt library <qstringlist.h>.

Even this experiment was n't successfully! I get the same error.

I try another variant purposed from Rainald. He purpose to delete 
completly the SunWS_cache/CC_obj_5 subdirectory and expect that the 
compiler generate it again. The result of this experiment was, that I 
get: "The library on SunWS_cache/CC_obj_5 not exist and the compiler 
does n't generate a new one.

I restore the subdirectory and I am on the same place like before.

I'll be very happy for every suggestion on this mailing list.


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