[kde-solaris] ... people are running KDE3 on systems with as little as 64MB for daily use.

Richard kdesolaris at nergenshuizen.nl
Wed Jan 28 14:07:26 CET 2004

> I can confirm the same. If Solaris uses significantly more memory than
> Linux  running the same software, I'd say that Solaris is quite broken.
> I don't  believe this though.
I'm slowly starting to believe that KDE for Solaris expects swap to be at
least 3x RAM and starts using it accordingly.
If I understand Stefan correctly, my problems will go away if I either
increase swap to a minimum of 3xRAM, OR *decrease* RAM to a maximum of
onethird present swap. I'll test this insanity in a week or three, if I
get the time.

> To compare things: The linux machines I administrate usually have 512MB
> and  about 1G swap. Running KDE alone with kmail, multiple instances of
> konqueror  and konsole, maybe some kdevelop's opened I don't need any
> swap. Usually swap  is needed if I open several instances of OpenOffice
> or Matlab. I am  developing an application for analysis loading masses
> of data which needs   additional 40MB and I still don't have any
> problems.
I've run KDE on my linux home machine ever since suse6.1 was released.
KDE3.1.something runs perfectly fine on a 166MHz pentium with 64M RAM and
512M swap. KDE 3.1.4 runs perfectly fine on a machine with 256M RAM and
512M swap. It just doesn't on a Sun with 1G RAM and 1G swap.

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