[kde-solaris] ... people are running KDE3 on systems with as little as 64MB for daily use.

michael.szengel at philips.com michael.szengel at philips.com
Tue Jan 27 18:16:26 CET 2004

> Its true: I ran KDE3 on my athlon-tbird 750 MHz with 64M RAM without 
> And I am running it also on a 233MHz laptop with 96M RAM. As long as you 
> multitask too many things, it's quite acceptable
> --> I am using KDE because of KDevelop and it's integrated suite of 
> and PIM utilities

Since I am the guy who caused this discussion I would like to share my 
personal (over 10 years) experience with memory usage of Sun systems and 
finally ask for a reason.
I never experienced memory shortages on our Sun systems running only a 
desktop since the days of SPARCstation 1 with 16 MB RAM and about 45 MB 
swap (not counting the cases when sombody was trying to start a whole chip 
simulation on his desktop mashine ;-).
For 4 years, my colleagues work on Ultra10 / Sun BLade 100 with 512 MB RAM 
and 1 GB swap ... and never problems with memory.  Some of them open up to 
10 desktops with dozens of terminals, xemacs and other stuff. They 
criticized the Xserver because they can not open more than about 80 
windows at a time due to a resource limitation inside of X but they never 
run into memory problems under KDE2 (gcc version).
Now I installed KDE3 from Stefan on my mashine to try it out and only the 
KDE3 desktop with some terminals and other desktop tools (not talking 
about MATLAB or a VHDL simulator, which is quit common to use for smaller 
tasks on our desktops here as well) let crash my Sun due to a shortage of 
memory !!!!

I do not have a explanation for the tremendious increase in RAM usage. And 
this has been  the main reason for me not to start with a rollout of the 
otherwise stable KDE3 release from Stefan because I will have to 
repartition / reinstall all my Sun desktops.

Any root cause explanation of this effect is very welcome and I would be 
very happy if the myth about KDE3 on 64MB RAM becomes a reality ;-) 

Just my experience, not a flame.

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