[kde-solaris] swap space requirements [was: KDE 3.1.4 - Can't talk to klauncher]

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Tue Jan 27 13:42:53 CET 2004

If we're talking about the 3.1.4 binaries, these are already stripped.



On Tuesday 27 January 2004 04:42, Laurent Blume wrote:
> Quoting Marco Walther <Marco.Walther at sun.com>:
> > EB> With gcc you use the little utility namned "strip" to remove
> > debug information
> > EB> from binaries. Don't know wether it works for Forte compiled
> > binaries.
> >
> > Yes, it does.
> I do remember breaking files by using the wrong version of strip.
> It was on Solaris 8 x86 at the time, and since then, I've been
> careful to use only GNU strip on GCC/GNU binutils-built software.
> I had particularly noted that stripping copies of the same file
> with both strips was resulting in files with different sizes.
> Has it changed since then? Or maybe it is valid only when using GCC
> with Sun's binutils?
> Laurent
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