[kde-solaris] KDE 3.1.4 - Can't talk to klauncher

michael.szengel at philips.com michael.szengel at philips.com
Mon Jan 26 14:19:33 CET 2004

Hello Richard,

I suffered from the same problem!
The reason is clear and the solution is obvious.
Unfortuantely, KDE consumes an incredible amount of memory. You simply run 
ourtof swap space! Look at your process list and top will show you that 
every kdeinit process consumes about 40 MB.
Klauncher will die, when it can not communicate anymore with a process it 
has just launched and which died due to hitting the upper limit of the 
memory space.
I do not know a way how to restart klauncher inside a running session.
For your reference:  my Sun Blade 100 has 640 MB RAM and had 1 GB swap. I 
had to extend the swap by 500 MB in order to survive the days without the 
error message you mentioned.
Another hint: just strip all of the executables. This should help to 
reduce the amount of necessary memory. At least in version 3.1.3 the 
binaries were not stripped.

Hope I could help at least once


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[kde-solaris] KDE 3.1.4 - Can't talk to klauncher
> Hello,

> I'm running KDE 3.1.4 on a Sun Blade1500 running Solaris 8 
> (Generic_108528-27).
> After a few days of use (max 4), I start getting errors preventing me 
> doing anything but stopping and restarting KDE. The error is:
> "Could not start process Can't talk to klauncher"
> and an OK button.
> Logfiles don't show anything out of the ordinary.
> Any pointers on where/how to search for what's causing this?
> Thanks,
> Richard

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