[kde-solaris] krfb gives "setrlimit: not owner" message.

Naci Ishakbeyoglu nishakbe at cisco.com
Tue Jan 6 08:33:22 CET 2004


I just installed solaris 8 binary packages.
When I try to use desktop sharing with a tight vnc
client on windows 2000 to my ultra-5 solaris 8 box,
I don't see anything happening on windows side.
Normally it should bring the password window.

Then I say krfb on a shell on ultra-5 and it says
"setrlimit: not owner". Do you know what may be wrong?


PS. Anyone got desktop sharing working properly form
tight vnc on windows 2000 client to kde 3.1.4 on solaris 8?
I used to be able to connect with earlier kde version but
garbled colors on win2k side and keyboard was not working

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