[kde-solaris] DCOP etc. over tcp?

Roman Maeder maeder at mathconsult.ch
Mon Feb 2 22:28:14 CET 2004

I run my KDE (3.1.4) desktop locally on a workstation, the home directory
is NFS mounted from a server on which I often rlogin (through ssh). When I
start KDE applications on the server, they display fine on the local X
display, but there is always a new set of support processes such as DCOP
server launched. Aren't these supposed to connect back to the ones running
What configuration does this need? At the moment it seems that DCOP is
listening only on a unix socket, which doesn't exist on the remote machine,
obviously. Can and should I make DCOP listen also on a TCP socket (how)?
I have an entry in /etc/services for dcop, as suggested in the installation
Does this also need some ICE configuration? It seems that the session
manager already listens on TCP, judging from the SESSION_MANAGER env variable
that exists on local shells and that lists tcp/HOST:PORT besides the unix
socket in /tmp/.ICE-unix.

Roman Maeder

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