[kde-solaris] fix for konqueror/kfmclient problem on Solaris 9 SPARC

Torsten Kasch tk at CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Wed Aug 25 14:55:11 CEST 2004

Hi Stefan,

On Wednesday 25 August 2004 01:48, Stefan Teleman wrote:
> Hi.
> If anyone is interested, please add:
> export KDE_IS_PRELINKED="1"
> or
> at the top of ${KDEDIR}/bin/startkde _and_ in your shell
> initialization file (.cshrc, .bash_profile, etc. ...)
> This has fixed the konqueror/kfmclient problem on my Solaris 9 box.
> Please let me know if it fixes it for you too.

As someone suffering from this issue for quite some time, I can confirm that 
this patch works for me. My test setup: old KDE 3.2.0 build from earlier this 
year (compiled with gcc 2.95.3 on Solaris 8 SPARC, now running on Solaris 9).

cheers & many thanks,


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