[kde-solaris] Anti-aliasing

Guenter Feldmann fld at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Mon Sep 22 18:30:17 CEST 2003

Hi Rob

> I wondered how much success you'd all had with anitaliasing. I've built the
> whole Xft/fontconfig package, told QT to support it, and suddenly everything
> is anti-aliased. The problem is, I can't control it.
> All my fonts are antialiased, regardless of the settings I have in the
>  control centre, and my fixed-width fonts go totally screwy (really wide
>  spacing). I found a tutorial here (http://dot.kde.org/989808269/) which
>  looked promising, but nothing in it has any effect on my system.
> I can turn anti-aliasing off altogether by editing my qtrc, but that's not
> what I want - most icon sets look terrible that way. I want big fonts (say >
> 18pt) and icons antialiased.
> Anybody had similar problems?

I had at least similar problems with the fonts in KDE 3.1.3. But in the
new KDE 3.1.4 antialiasing seems to work perfectly. Unfortunately
3.1.4 introduced new problems on Solaris systems
	1) the desktop won't shut down
	2) notatun doesn' t work any more

Currently I have installed both releses (3.1.3 and 3.1.4) in parallel. I start
the 3.1.3 desktop but use the applications Konsole, Kmail and Konqueror
from the 3.1.4 release. A little bit intricate, but this way I have both the
nice fonts in Kmail, Konqueror an Konsole and can play movies and
music with noatun.

-- Guenter

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