[kde-solaris] KDE 3.1 Screenlock/Unlock

Jonathan Marten - Volume Systems Products UK jonathan.marten at uk.sun.com
Fri Oct 24 09:48:56 CEST 2003

"Carlson, Dennis H" <Dennis.H.Carlson at usa-spaceops.com> writes:
> Good morning all, Yesterday I posted this same question, but I have
> taken the research further than before.  We have just installed Sun
> Solaris 9 803 along with KDE 3.1 from the Sun's Companion CD.  When we
> login to the KDE desktop and lock the screen, we cannot unlock the
> screen.  The only way we can unlock the screen is to go to another
> system and secure shell to the Locked system, ps -ef | grep lock, and
> kill the lock process.

Dennis, I suspect that this may not be related to your particular
configuration but a bug related to the build configuration of KDE 3.1
on the CCD.  Try:

  nm /usr/sfw/kde/lib/libkdefakes.so | grep getdomainname

(or wherever this library is located on your system).  If it returns
nothing then all should work; however if the KDE version of the
routine is compiled in this library - which it shouldn't be, since
Solaris has its own perfectly good version - this may be bug 50754.
Unfortunately, the KDE fake routine doesn't interface properly with YP
so any user database lookup fails.

I'm not aware of any solution other than upgrading to current KDE.


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