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Carlson, Dennis H Dennis.H.Carlson at usa-spaceops.com
Thu Oct 23 11:18:07 CEST 2003

Good morning all,
Yesterday I posted this same question, but I have taken the research further than before.
We have just installed Sun Solaris 9 803 along with KDE 3.1 from the Sun's Companion CD.
When we login to the KDE desktop and lock the screen, we cannot unlock the screen.
The only way we can unlock the screen is to go to another system and secure shell to the
Locked system, ps -ef | grep lock, and kill the lock process.
Further testing has shown that the unlock function is performing as advertised. We added
a test userid to the /etc/passwd/shadow files and the screen unlocks normally using that userid.
Our problem points to the fact that we run with a split password file at this site. This is required 
because we are NISing to multiple vendors (Sun, DEC, Linux, and SGI) from the same master host.
These vendors have different system userids below 100. Therefore, we only NIS actual "user" userids 
from /var/yp/passwd/shadow. A minor mod to the Makefile in /var/yp allows us to do this.
Hopefully, we are not the only site in the world running with split password files  
Has anyone come up with a patch that will allow us to continue with the split password files?
     Dennis Carlson
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