[kde-solaris] KDE 3.1 and vold

Torsten Kasch kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Sun Mar 16 11:34:11 2003

Hi Alan,

On Sat, Mar 15, 2003 at 11:54:50PM -0400, Alan Mizrahi wrote:
> Is KDE 3.1 supposed to work with vold on solaris?

Yes. In fact, it's there since KDE 1.1.1.

> This are my experiences trying to use KDE 3.1 with vold:
> I create a floppy device on the desktop (/dev/diskette). When I click it I 
> hear my floppy drive working, but I get an error message: "Malformed URL 
> http://file:"

Try using /dev/diskette0 as the "Device:" entry.

> The cdrom icon works using /dev/dsk/c0t2d0s2, but this device could be 
> different on different machines, is there a standard cdrom device or a link 
> to the default device? I tried with /vol/dev/aliases/cdrom0 and it didn't 
> work.

Hmm, I'm the one to blame for the current libvolmgt integration, I'm afraid,
so probably I should explain: the current implementation requires
to set the physical path for the CDROM/ZIP/whatever device manually into
the properties dialog.

I admit that it would be nice to have the drop-down menu in this dialog
list all installed devices that are under vold's control (as configured in
/etc/vold.conf). But since spare time seems to be always a tight resource,
I've not yet managed to improve this... :-(

If anyone wants to have a look at this, check the code in kdelibs for
portions protected by "#ifdef HAVE_VOLMGT", namely:


Any hints/tips/sugesstions are welcome...


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