[kde-solaris] konq + ssl

Dan kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Fri Mar 14 00:32:17 2003

On Thursday 13 March 2003 16:08, David Bishop wrote:

> How can you tell if konqueror has been sucessfully compiled with ssl
> support or not?  I've tried greping through the ldd output on every lib in
> my kde lib dir, and cannot see anything obvious linked to openssl.  A
> similiar result from bin/ leaves me confused.  Comparing against my linux
> machine, which does have working ssl support, has left me mystified, as I
> get identical results.

See if this helps:

1) Make sure you have shared OpenSSL libraries.

$ ls -1 /usr/local/ssl/lib

If you only have static libraries, I believe you need to recompile OpenSSL.

2) Tell Konqueror where to find the shared libraries.  Go to Settings / 
Configure Konqueror, select Crypto, click on the OpenSSL tab, and enter the 
path to your OpenSSL libraries.