[kde-solaris] KDE 3.1 crash on user startup - OK as root

Torsten Kasch kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Wed Mar 12 08:30:01 2003


On Tuesday 11 March 2003 17:41, Paul Hands wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got to the stage where I can login to KDE with no problems as
> root.  Logging in as myself crashes during the startup phase with a
> sigsegv (Sig11).  I've tried the permissions in /tmp on .ICE-unix, but I
> find that each time I log out as root (or maybe attempt to log in as
> me), the permissions get set back to what they were before.

IIRC this has been discussed already on this list. The problem seems to be=
that somewhere in libICE's code the permissions get reset to 755 or similia=
A possible solution is to add "chmod 1777 /tmp/.ICE-unix" to the startup=20
script of your xdm/kdm/whatever.

> Annoyingly, at one point, I could log in as me, but that was without
> having a /etc/resolv.conf file because the domian names are different
> between NIS and DNS.  I put the file back and now can longer get in as
> me, even though I've removed it again.

Have a look at http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3D50754


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