[kde-solaris] Problems with KDE 3.1.2 packages and KDE 3.1.x in general

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Wed Jul 9 21:09:29 CEST 2003

Bob Meader wrote:

>I have removed the KDE 3.1.2 packages.
>The reason is problem between KDE text widgets
>and certain Xservers.  What happens is certain
>characters such as 'b' don't echo or display
>when entered.  The problem is completely
>repeatable on a Sun Enterprise 250 and according
>to dnewman at maraudingpirates.org:
>"I know exactly what you are talking about.  I experienced
>that same behaviour and I believe it is a bug in KDE. It becomes more
>pronounced the slower the connection between the X client and server.  And
>it was only certain
>text widgets that did it."
>I have download/tried KDE 3.1,3.1.1 and 3.1.2 versions built
>by various people and ALL show same behaviour. KDE 3.0.5
>is last version to work correctly.  Note I did this test
>on a fresh install of Solaris 8 to a blank drive.  I don't
>know if Solaris 9 - KDE has same behavior.
>Hopefully someone will investigate this as currently
>KDE 3.1.x is only usable on certain Xserver Installations
I am doing a new  build  of  KDE 3.1.2  with GCC 3.2.3   on 
Solaris  9 04/03   right now,  probably be able to report if  I
can type in B's  in a few hours.

Im buliding on a  SB100  so it takesawhile....

Lars Tunkrans


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