[kde-solaris] bzip2 for KDE3 on Solaris 8

Wout Mertens kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Fri Jan 31 12:24:00 2003

Related problem:

I built the shared .so myself, with the proposed changes in
README.COMPILE_ERRORS<...>. The configure test for BZ2_... is broken on
Solaris: When it runs, it fails with a 'relocation remains on readonly
segments' error from ld. This error only exists on Solaris, and it means
that the test file has to be built with -fPIC as well.

Has anybody had the same problem or is it just me and am I wrong?


On Fri, 31 Jan 2003, Jonathan Marten - Volume Systems Products UK wrote:

> "Joshua Symons" <vmcore@mysun.com> writes:
> > the companion cd for solaris 8 contains a bzip2 package which has both
> > .la and .so libs.
> > [(ichirou:152:pts/2)~ %] pkginfo | grep bz
> > system      SUNWbzip                         The bzip compression utility
> > system      SUNWbzipx                        The bzip compression
> > library (64-bit)
> These packages and libraries are also standard (in /usr/lib) in
> Solaris 9.
> But watch out: the libraries appear to have both sets of entry point
> names available (bzCompress and BZ2_bzCompress etc.), whereas the
> header file only has the BZ2_ names defined.  Presumably this is done
> for backwards compatibility, but it confuses the 'configure' tests so
> that the bzip2 ioslave won't compile.  After configuring kdelibs, edit
> config.h and define NEED_BZ2_PREFIX if it isn't defined already.
> Regards
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