[kde-solaris] bzip2 for KDE3 on Solaris 8

Jonathan Marten - Volume Systems Products UK kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Fri Jan 31 09:38:01 2003

"Joshua Symons" <vmcore@mysun.com> writes:
> the companion cd for solaris 8 contains a bzip2 package which has both
> .la and .so libs. 
> [(ichirou:152:pts/2)~ %] pkginfo | grep bz
> system      SUNWbzip                         The bzip compression utility
> system      SUNWbzipx                        The bzip compression
> library (64-bit)

These packages and libraries are also standard (in /usr/lib) in
Solaris 9.

But watch out: the libraries appear to have both sets of entry point
names available (bzCompress and BZ2_bzCompress etc.), whereas the
header file only has the BZ2_ names defined.  Presumably this is done
for backwards compatibility, but it confuses the 'configure' tests so
that the bzip2 ioslave won't compile.  After configuring kdelibs, edit
config.h and define NEED_BZ2_PREFIX if it isn't defined already.

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