[kde-solaris] Solaris 8 native 32-bit port

Fergus Wilde kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Wed Jan 22 12:06:00 2003

On Monday 20 January 2003 22:53, Stefan Teleman wrote:
> Yes, i plan on releasing this port in Sun pkg format, for the final
> release -- just to be consistent with Sun's standard package
> distribution format. But i'm not there just yet -- right now i'm just
> happy i got it to work. :-) The sound quality is very very nice. :-)
> As for the source code, i would definitely like to merge it into the
> main source tree at some point, but that will take a little time,
> since this port has required many code changes (and some serious
> Makefile hand patching).

Wow, if you do make packages for KDE available, you'll be doing the world=
big favour!  I can think of four machines right now that will benefit ...


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