[kde-solaris] KDE on Solaris Companion CD

Fergus Wilde kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Mon Feb 24 17:10:16 2003

On Tuesday 18 February 2003 02:09, Eric Boutilier wrote:
> Hi.
> We're looking for feedback regarding the usefulness of having KDE
> available on the Solaris Companion CD (available for download
> here: sun.com/solaris/freeware).
> Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide.

This would be a great boon, like others who replied I would very much like to 
see this for both x86 and SPARC - ideally to go back as far as Sol 8, too.  
Any kde integration is going to be welcome, the SPARC box I use with kde on 
it is much more fun and more easily productive than those left with CDE.  An 
easily installed and up-to-date KDE makes Solaris a much more attractive 
proposition in several ways.
Good luck Eric!

> Eric
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> Eric Boutilier
> Solaris x86 Marketing
> Sun Microsystems
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