[kde-solaris] HELP : kde31 packages for sparc broke my machine....

Antonio Prioglio kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Fri Feb 21 13:08:01 2003

On 21 Feb 2003, Paul Hands wrote:

> Hi,
> The machine boots normally until it tries to start the login manager. 
> At that point, it simply shows a CDE style message dialog box, which
> says "Login incorrect ; Please try again", with an OK button.  Using the
> button makes no difference, it may be going back to retry, but it comes
> back to the failure message instantly.  I cannot access the machine via
> telnet, ssh, rlogin or any other remote method.  They just give a
> connection refused message.

One question, do you use NIS? And if so are the NIS domainname and DNS 
domainname the same?
> I'm guessing that the kdestartup package has changed something to cause
> this.  Can I reverse the process?  My sun is in a corporate intranet and
> before long the IT admins are going to do something drastic when they
> find out.
> Machine is a Blade 100, Solaris 8, running CDE and gnome2 before this.
Do you login in graphic mode or text?

before graphic mode there is a chance for a text mode login.

What happens then?
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