[kde-solaris] KDE 3.1, Solaris, success!

G. Feldmann kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Thu Feb 6 19:46:01 2003

Hi KDE-developers

I successfully compiled KDE 3.1 for Solaris SPARC and Solaris x86 and 
made a shared installation for all Solaris workstations in our department 
(~80 machines).

Our systems are equipped as follows:

SPARC: Solaris8, Solaris9 + shared /usr/local: X11R6.6, gcc3.2.1(Sun ld)
x86:       Solaris8        + shared /usr/local: XFree4.2, gcc3.2.1(gnu ld)

Compiling KDE had the following problems:

-  configure problems.
   1) the check for HAVE_GETDOMAIN fails.
   2) the check for NEED_BZ2_PREFIX fails if g++ is configured for 
       using Sun ld. The test program gets erroneously linked with the 
       option -shared.
   I fixed all config.h files maually before starting gmake.

-  libxml2: 
     the installation instruction say: >= 2.3.14
     configure says: >= 2.4.8
     my first try was with 2.4.28 (failed)
     with libxml2 2.5.1 it woked!

-  A library in kivio/kiviopart could no be built using g++(Sun ld). 
   I built this library with g++(Gnu ld)
-  One library in kpresenter could not be build with Sun sed. 
   I got the message 'Output line too long' from libtool. 
   After replacing sed by Gnu sed it worked.

-  kghostview failed to compile on Solaris x86 because
   the Symbol 'PS' is already defined in one of the 
   included system header files. I replaced PS by
   another name to make kghostview compile.
   For the same reason I had to replace ERR to eRR
   in kalarm/kalarmapp.cpp (line 1555).

-- Guenter