[kde-solaris] compiling kdenetwork with largefile?

Wout Mertens kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Thu Feb 6 11:58:09 2003

Hi there,

I have adapted the konstruct tool to be able to compile kde on our
environment, with good success. So far I've been able to built qt+friends,
arts, and kdelibs, base, multimedia, addons, artwork, graphics, utils.

It all seems to work without setting an LD_LIBRARY_PATH, although I had to
do some fixes in some places (missing /usr/openwin/lib rpath for konsole
and a few others that use libXtst or libxp(?) )

Now the stinker for me is kdenetworks. This compiles with large file
awareness, and the problem is that the Solaris include files tell the
compiler to pretend that open, truncate and so on are actually open64,
truncate64, and so on. grep open64 /usr/include/*/* to see what I am
talking about.

The problem is then functions like QString::truncate and others are
suddenly referred to as QString::truncate64.

Has anybody else encountered this? The weird thing is that Qt built with
largefile awareness without problems...

I am compiling on Solaris 8, and gcc 2.95.3.

Thanks for any insights,