[kde-solaris] KDE3.1 kdelibs problem

Barrass, Richard (Richard) kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Wed Feb 5 18:36:11 2003


I'm compiling KDE3.1 (from ftp.kde.org source tree) on Solaris 8 using the gcc3.2.1 toolset. qt3.1.1, arts have all compiled, although I needed the slight tweak to copy artversion-new.h to artversion.h in the soundserver directory.

Now compiling kdelibs-3.1 I have had the following problems:


I had to add the following to the ksvgiconpainter.h
	#include <libart_lgpl/libart.h>
	#include <libart_lgpl/artconfig.h>


For some reason, the keygenwizard.h and keygenwizard2.h weren't generated, so I simply ran uic on the keygenwizard[2].ui files.


I now have a problem with job.cpp referencing kdirnotify_stub.h - this is not present in the archive. Interestingly, it is mentioned, along with kdirnotify_stub.cpp in the .cvsignore file... 

Do I simply have to get hold of these two files to get me on my way? !!

Thanks in advance,


Richard Barrass <richard () lucent DOT com>
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