[kde-solaris] ARTS builds under Sun Compiler Collection

Ben Rockwood kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Mon Feb 3 19:28:01 2003


I've wanted to play around with KDE 3.1 a bit.  I've so far been able
to build QT (although it takes HOURS) with Forte, and I don't have any
problems here.  I even got Xrender built in without problems.
However, ARTS is driving me crazy.  Under Forte I get errors that the
input file isn't given (it is), etc.  Under GCC I run into problem after
Has anyone identified these problems in ARTS?  It sounds like I'm not the
only one having these problems.  I am not using GNU BinUtils, I try to
avoid it where I can.  I have GCC 3.2 installed but prefer not to use it,
since Sun CC with -fast is 2x-3x faster than GCC, which KDE will greatly
benefit from.  Any ideas?  Otherwise I can compile a list of case-by-case
problems that I'm hitting.

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