[kde-solaris] /tmp/mcop-username not owned by user

Hansjoerg Maurer Hansjoerg.Maurer at dlr.de
Wed Dec 17 19:58:55 CET 2003


when starting KDE 3.1.4 as normal user, I got the following error.
"/tmp/mcop-username not owned by user"

The permissions of /tmp/mcop-username are
drwx------   2 root     sysadmin     117 Dec 17 19:22 mcop-maurer/

Therefore sound doesn't start

A much seriouser consequence of this problem is, that
the lines
cd "/tmp/mcop-${USER}"
/bin/rm -rf `ls -1`
at the end of

can't access the directory to, and therefore the second line starts 
deleting files in my /home ...
And I was wondering, why the logout takes so much time :-(
(... we have a netapp filer which makes snapshots 5 times a day so the 
restore was no problem :-))




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