[kde-solaris] Success Stories wanted...

Eva Brucherseifer eva at kde.org
Wed Dec 17 09:46:45 CET 2003

Hi everybody,

as I understand some of you installed and use KDE in an enterprise 
environment... Some days ago the enterprise.kde.org site was relaunched and 
now the KDE project is looking for success stories which are listed there. 
The more computers you have or the more happy you are about having KDE 
available the better. 
Please also read http://dot.kde.org/1070917908/, the success stories are 
listed here: http://enterprise.kde.org/bizcase/. We also have some people 
around doing interviews with people who did esp intersting projects and 
setups of KDE. 

You can regard this as a new way of giving something back to the community by 
helping us to spread the word, that KDE is not only ready for the home 
desktop, but also for business. And of course this is a little extra PR for 
your company ;-). 


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