[kde-solaris] Fast malloc() under Solaris??

Jan Van Belle Jan.Van_Belle at alcatel.be
Mon Dec 15 14:42:41 CET 2003

	Hello all,

	When compiling the KDE-3.1.4 for my Linux station at home (Linux From 
Scratch), I have the option to compile the KdeLibs package with "fast malloc" 

	When I compile the same package on my Solaris-5.8 system (sparc, ultra5), it 
gives the warning:

checking for termio.h... yes
checking for revoke(tty) in unistd.h... no
configure: WARNING: Fast malloc is not tested on this platform. The build may 
fail or the executables may crash.
checking whether to enable fast malloc... no
checking whether g++ supports -finline-limit=100000... yes
checking X11/extensions/Xrender.h usability... no

I recently installed the 'dmalloc' package locally. Is this an improvement? 
Has anyone tried to compile this "fast malloc" under Solaris yet ??

Kind regards,


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