[kde-solaris] 64 bit konsole compile problem

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Tue Aug 26 21:25:29 CEST 2003

UTEMTPER should not be defined either. Could you please comment it out 
in config.h as well (the line HAVE_UTEMPTER).

I'm still baffled as to why configure decided to do this.



On Tuesday 26 August 2003 09:37, robert_kislin at bankone.com wrote:
> Stefan,
> One additional issue, after konsole compiles I receive a message
> which tells me that kwrited will be disabled because I do not have
> utempter.  I have been unsuccessful in compiling utempter for
> Solaris.  I'm a little concerned that without kwrited I will not
> receive any system errors sent to the konsole.  Will this be a
> problem?
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> Subject:        Re: [kde-solaris] 64 bit konsole compile problem
> OK.
> From what i have been able to dig out:
> your gcc seems to think (for some reason) that you have either
> libutil.h or util.h installed on your box. Because of that it
> #define's USE_LOGIN, which is then incorrectly used 2 lines below
> to #include <utmp.h> and <errno.h. These two files should be
> included on Solaris anyway.
> It looks like there's some rewriting needed in TEPty.cc for
> Solaris.
> Could you please check in config.h (which is in the top directory
> of kdebase) and see if HAVE_LIBUTIL and/or HAVE_UTIL?H are defined
> -- it looks like they are defined. They should not be. Could you
> please try to comment out the
> #define HAVE_LIBUTIL 1
> and/or
> #define HAVE_UTIL_H 1
> lines and try again and see if it compiles. It should.
> Solaris has never been a BSD-ish system. So i don't really
> understand where this HAVE_LIBUTIL/HAVE_UTIL_H have come from.
> Please let me know!
> --Stefan
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