[kde-solaris] KDE 3.1.3 Solaris status update

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Tue Aug 26 00:34:17 CEST 2003


I thought it's time for me to give everyone an update on where i am 
with porting/building/releasing 3.1.3:

One of the major problems in khtml rendering has been fixed. There 
still are a few left, which should be fixed soon.

I have built arts/kdelibs/kdebase/kdenetwork 3.1.3 successfully, but 
they are not ready for a release yet.

So, i would like to assure everyone that i am working very very hard 
on this release, and that my goal is to release a fully functional 
3.1.3. I am just humbly asking everyone to bear with me while all 
these problems get fixed, one by one.

Thank you to everyone for their support and constant encouragement, 
which means a lot to me.


Stefan Teleman          'Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition'
steleman at nyc.rr.com                          -Monty Python

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