[kde-solaris] Solaris 9 packages

Philip Jackson Philip.Jackson at sunderland.ac.uk
Fri Apr 25 12:54:07 CEST 2003


The packages  work  very well but I have one question. Am I missing 
something (library or such) or do the packages not have GIF support. 
Konqueror does not display any GIF's and using the preview option on any 
file find displays the broken image for any gif file.

Philip Jackson,
University Of Sunderland.

Mathias Meyer wrote:

>Hey everyone,
>I'd like to mention that I built a whole bunch of packages for Solaris 9 
>(Release 09/02), including Mosfet's Liquid engine (looks way ugly without 
>Xrender), Mandrake's new Galaxy look, KDevelop, Quanta, Umbrello and some 
>additional tools like doxygen, graphviz, Python (with a nice shared 
>library) and of course most KDE packages. kdeedu is missing, but coming 
>up ;)
>More stuff is to come. I built them out of personal interest and they work 
>fine for the most part. If anyone wants to give 'em a shot, check out 
>You'll find additional information and all the packages there.
>Have a nice day.

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