[kde-solaris] KDE of Solaris on cd

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Wed Apr 9 21:35:52 CEST 2003

bob wrote:

> Hello
> Im new to this list having bought my 1st sparc station 20.
> can anyone tell me where I can obtain kde for solaris on cd rom.
> bob

Hmm,   Does a Sparcstation 20 really have enough  processing  power
to  run KDE ?  

I get acceptable  Performance from my SunBlade 100  which  has
a  1280 MB  RAM.   A SparcStation 20  has only a ten'th   of the
processingpower  of a Blade100.   Sunsolve  says that  a Sparcstation 20
can have   7*64  MB Dram =  448 MB RAM which  certainly is enough.
However you will need a minimum of  96 MB RAM to run Solaris 9  at all.
And at least  192 MB Ram  to  have  a non-swapping  graphics environment.


KDE is  on the  SUN Software Companinon CD  included in the mediakits
for Both  Solaris 8  and Solaris 9.

If memory serves :
KDE 2.2.0     is on the Solaris 8  companinon CD
KDE 3.0    is on the  Solaris 9 companion CD

KDE 3.1  or  KDE3.1.1   has not yet  been included in a Solaris
mediakit  .  

There is a New  Solaris 9  04/03    Mediakit beeing released  this month.
Maybe a  SUN employe could tell  which KDE  version will be included
on it ?


Lars Tunkrans

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