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Wed Oct 30 02:28:00 2002

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On Tuesday 29 October 2002 07:49 pm, Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:
> Greetings
> 	What gcc version are people haveing the best luck with on solaris here?
> 	Im testing with 2.95, and haveing a bugger of a time with SSL support, and
> problems with open and truncate getting clobbered to open64 and truncate64.
> Does 3.2 fix this?  Is 3.2 production quality on Solaris?
I use 2.95.3.  The primary reason was that somebody, and I
think it was trolltech.com, recommended 2.95.3 because 3.x
wasn't ready for prime time.  That was back when qt3.0
first came out so I don't know if that has changed.    I
am reluctant to upgrade because it would mean rebuilding
the 160 some odd other software packages I install on
Solaris other than KDE.

Anyway, I haven't had any problems with SSL support.  It works fine
for me.  Back in the KDE 3.0 days I was having trouble because
I rebuilt gcc to use gas the gnu ld.  That changed the way it
built shared libraries and whenever a KIO slave was used I
would get undefined references.  I rebuilt openssl using the
new gcc and those problems went away.  What problems are you

As far as the open64 problems this is what I have been doing:

find . -name Makefile | xargs perl -pi -e \
grep -v BITS config.h > config.h.new
mv config.h.new config.h

That's probably not the solution you are looking for but
I don't know what else to do.  For me the only module
that is having this problem is kdenetwork.  I would think
that all of the other modules would have the same
problem, but they don't.  Another thing is that this
problem didn't exist with the kdenetwork-3.0.3.  Therefore
this kind of leads me to believe that it is a problem
specifically with kdenetwork.  I would think that any IO
would be handled by lower libraries so maybe it shouldn't
be including the includes that redefine these methods.

Maybe kdelibs found a way to deal with these problems.
I'm sure there is all kinds of IO going on there.

- -Dave

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