[kde-solaris] pkgs gone to??

Devendra Deshpande kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Tue Dec 17 12:54:00 2002

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002 10:17:54 +0100 Eva Brucherseifer <eva@kde.org>
> Hi,
> I also wondered about the same thing and asked the ftp admins about
> the reasons. They said, that the Sparc Solaris version of 3.0.1 was
> removed because of security issues in 3.0.1.
> See
> http://dot.kde.org/1037104659/
> http://dot.kde.org/1034195249/
> Unfortunatley at the moment we don't have any binary packages for
> Solaris at all. 
> After New Years Day I have the chance to use the Solaris lab at our
> local university for applied science for compiling new packages
> (probably 3.0.x and maybe 3.1) on  Solaris 9 using gcc-3.2. Still time
> is short, so if anyone is willing to provide binary packages of any
> sort, I'd appreciate it very much.

I have a working installation of KDE-3.1 (now ~ RC5). And I will
compile KDE again when it is released (I usually compile from cvs).

I am willing to provide packages built with gcc 3.1 on Solaris 7. But
the way I compile/distribute KDE around here is by providing one huge
tarball (that untars in /usr/local/KDE). I also prepare another tarball
that contains all the dependencies(Qt+all the kde support libs).

I would appreciate if someone sends me instructions on how to package
KDE in a nice manner, that takes care of the dependencies as well ...