Question about SoC conditions

Frans Englich englich at
Sun May 28 18:39:50 CEST 2006

On Sunday 28 May 2006 16:13, Thomas Kadauke wrote:
> Hey SoCers and mentors!
> I know that I'm supposed to finish my project alone, but I was wondering
> how much help I'm allowed to get from other people. Obviously my mentor is
> allowed to help me out, but is it also possible to ask for comments or help
> from other people, e.g. usability experts or the kde-devel mailing list?

There's absolutely no limit for sensible questions. As long as you ask good 
questions, "academic questions", it is all ok. What's in the red zone is if 
someone other than you does your work, and that's not the case when they 
gives their viewpoint to a problem, shows a direction, or demonstrates a 
point with example code. Overwhelmingly many questions which demonstrates no 
effort to investigate the matter or put effort into resolving it at own hand 
first, would probably raise an eyebrow. So, usual "netetiquette" applies.

> Also, can I ask artists to create icons for me, or would that be cheating?

Unless your project is explicitly about artwork or that the icons artists 
create for you take significantly part of how your project is judged, I'd say 
this is ok.

One of the purposes with SoC is to get students inolved in open source, so 
mixing and collaborating is welcome.

However, that's my interpretation of things, it might be someone will object 
that I'm wrong(although I doubt it).



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