Kamion status report

Michael Brade brade at kde.org
Fri Sep 2 13:09:39 CEST 2005


> last week has been really tough on me... I had a lot of work to do for
> college, and I had some family problems that took a lot of time. In spite
> of that I finished the basic functionality of Kamion, and started
> refactoring the code.

> Here is what can be done with Kamion right now.
> When you start Kamion you can chose to pack or unpack data for transport.
> If you want to pack the data, Kamion first reads the definition files for
> resources that can be moved. It presents you with a list, and packs the
> selected resources in a .kamion file (.tar.gz). If you chose to unpack
> data, you select the file to read the data from, you are also presented
> with the list of resources so you can chose what you wish to install, and
> finally the files get copied/merged into your account.
yup, there's three little bugs though:
 - the progress bar doesn't update while packing/unpacking stuff
 - when unpacking stuff and not choosing anything to install there should be a
   dialog box saying something like "Nothing selected.".
 - you didn't include dot-files (e.g. apps/.file) in your .kamion files.

Other than that it works fine!

> That is a little bit more than I stated in the project proposal, but still
> not enough for the more complicated use cases (like all issues with merging
> with an existing account) to work like they should.
> And the plan for next week... Ahhh... vacation... I'm road tripin' with my
> two favorite allies :) (one of them also a soc participant) visiting the
> mountains, some rafting :), and a little bit of swimming in the sea... And
> when I get back...
Have fun then :)

> One question... Although I didn't ask my mentors for much help, their
> suggestions helped a lot, and concerning the fact that I'm still going to
> need it... maybe even more than I did so far... Can I keep bothering you
> guys? :) You are not getting paid for helping the last two months... why
> not keep not getting paid for the next few months :)
Sure... I won't have much time though... diploma examinations and diploma 
thesis are coming up in two weeks. Oh well. But for answering mail it should 
still suffice :-)

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