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James Horey jhorey at
Thu Sep 1 20:03:13 CEST 2005

Hi all,

First I'd like to thank KDE and my mentor for allowing me to participate in 
this summer-of-code. It was really fun, and I hope (and plan) on continuing 
to participate within this community. 

My goal at the beginning of summer was to implement a useful interface 
for programming and managing sensor networks using KDE technology. As I 
stated when the project began, it was my intent to get a substantial useful 
portion of this project done. To this end I believe I've succeeded. Below is 
a breakdown of the organization of the program and what I've actually 

Sensor communication: 

This was one of the more difficult portions of the program. Basically I have 
code to communicate with the Mica2 hardware over the serial line. The most 
difficult portion was figuring out the packet format and protocol for the 
Mica2 hardware. There is also code to convert the raw data provided by the 
Mica2 hardware into sensible sensor readings. The classes I've written for 
this project are useful right now for anybody wanting to communicate with the 
Mica2 hardware using the Ruby language.


Contained in the directory tinyos, is a TinyOS program that actually runs on 
the Mica2 motes. Currently this program is collects sensor data at a regular 
interval and stores them in flash. Right now, I use a seperate program to 
read and transmit the data from the flash, although I plan on integrating 
said program to this one. I spent quite a bit time optimizing energy usage in 
this program, which turned out to be much more difficult than I initially 

There is still much work to be done in this area, although I the program as it 
is right now is a complete working standalone TinyOS application.


Unfortunately this portion of the program received the least amount of 
attention. I have however been able to successfully communicate and use 
KSpread's DCOP interface to display data. To that end, I've begun working on 
the basic pivot table code to lay 
out the data coherently in KSpread. This layout code should be complete quite 
soon. I've also constructed some wizards to aid in the creation and 
configuration of "projects". I also have code to save and restore project 
files (they are just several zipped files).

I plan on spending most of my time in the near future working on the 
interface. The first concrete goal after the deadline is to get a working 
pivot table wizard/interface. Afterwards, the work will mostly concentrate on 
completing the code running on the motes and fleshing out the rest of the 
program (such as Mote rules). 

The project is stored on sourceforge 
<>. I plan on moving to 
KDE's svn repository once I feel the program is useful enough, which I believe 
is soon. You should be able to check out the source anonymously, but please 
email me if you can't.


James Horey
Email:jhorey at
Office:FEC 301D
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