Status report on soc-kde-scripting on 08/15

Kun Xi bookstack at
Mon Aug 15 19:20:36 CEST 2005

Hello All,

Last week is such a productive week, all technique questions around
object exposition,
object construction, properties, variable list and other small issues,
have been addressed.
We are in the stage of applying these to all the methods and objects.

  Refactored the wrapper class, ContractsImp, AddressBookImp
  Add KABC::Addressee support, AddresseeImp
  Constructor is supported for AddresseeImp
  Properties are supported for AddresseeImp
  KABC::Addressee::List is supported, now we can iterate the
addressees. -- thanks to geiser.
  HOWTO is updated. -- README.soc

 Preference page to customize plugins
 More methods are properties added to ContractsImp, et al. -- hope we
can release a beta test version for KAddressBook.
 Start Kontact object model design and develop work.

Best regards,

Kun Xi

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