Nokey status august 14

Leo Spalteholz leo.spalteholz at
Mon Aug 15 08:52:51 CEST 2005

Hello everyone,

Well I've been making some reasonable progress lately.  I'm back at my
parents' place, and besides the dial up internet, it is very relaxing
and comfortable to work from.

Latest work includes:
 - Making the morse code generation work properly
 - Some progress on making the interface look less like someone puked
up the primary colours (it still looks like that, but now they puked
in a nicer pattern with rounded edges)
 - Sending fake key events to the underlying window is working
 - Started on the window control screen.

In the next week I hope to have it feature complete.  After that I
will just do some polishing and make sure it is in a state where my
mentors can judge it.
So features to work on for the coming week
 - Proper loading of data files (right now it won't work if the file
is anywhere but in the same place as the executable)
 - Implement tabs that send arrow keys.
 - Finish morsemouse implementation with morse cheat sheet and sending
correct keys.
 - Finish control window and other small features.


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