Knoware status, August 14th

Brian Beck exogen at
Mon Aug 15 02:19:08 CEST 2005

Gonna finally commit the code to the playground this week.

* The client is nearly DONE.  Finally replaced the QTextBrowsers with
nice KHTMLViews and it is both more functional and a lot prettier.

* Need to finish up the networking stuff.  Nothing complicated.

* I may switch from lshw to hwinfo for hardware detection as
previously suggested, although it doesn't have XML output which means
I'll need to redo the parsing.  But it gets the necessary information
without having to run as root...

* Since my last report I have been using Orange [1] instead of R for
statistical analysis.  Using it feels so much better!  Someone on the
Orange team even showed me how to use Random Forests with it.  Can't
wait to plug in some real data, which should just be a week away.

[1] Orange:

Brian Beck
Adventurer of the First Order

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