Status report #2 - Voice recognition in khotkeys

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Sat Aug 13 21:01:16 CEST 2005

Dne so 13. srpna 2005 17:11 Olivier Goffart napsal(a):
> Hello.
> I've made lot of progress on my project.
> The engine is now working fine.
> (It could of course still be improved.)
> I would like people to test it,  and feed back problems
> I would like to know is i could merge it with the KDE/3.5 branch, or what i
> have to finish to be able to do so.

 I don't think this case needs to be special in any way. It's in the feature 
list, there's no feature freeze, so the standard rules for committing stuff 
can be applied, just like if you wanted to commit something else. I.e. if it 
qualifies for being KDE SVN stuff, commit.

> I originally wanted to trigger the voice action by  press-speak-release  a
> shortcut.  But i spent one day playing with X11 XEvent, XLib, ... and it
> never worked correctly.  So i finally use KGlobalAccel, and to trigger the
> sound,  press the shortcut,speak, and press the shortcut again.

 I could perhaps find a way, but I probably won't have time now. If you come 
to Akademy, we could try there. For now, I slightly better way could be 
perhaps press the shortcut, speak, and press Enter (or anything). You could 
temporarily grab the keyboard using QWidget::grabKeyboard(). If this stuff 
would require pressing Alt+F12 twice, I don't think it would become very 

> The i didn't know what to choose as default shortcut. I take Alt+F12
> have you better ideas ?
> Another problem:  Everyone i know who wanted to test had problem with the
> microphone and arts, including myself.
> By default, arts does not run in full duplex, which is required to record,
> and even after selecting full duplex, i had problems and bugs with arts.
> I hope this will not be a problem for too much people.

 No idea about the arts side of things, but in the worst case I think there 
should be at least a dont-show-again dialog checking the arts settings and 
warning about this + explaining how to setup the stuff properly.

 Lubos Lunak
 KDE Developer

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