Visual History Report - update

Keith Hans keithhans at
Sun Aug 7 19:58:04 CEST 2005

Just find out files in the konqueror/sidebar/test were not compiled
simply because its directory is not list as SUBDIRS in ../

But after 'make && make install' ed the test module, the module is
still not loaded. Is there anything else missing?

Besides these, I wonder if it is fine to work on version 3.4.1. As
indicated by KDE App Developers' Checklist, I should work with the
latest svn source code.

> Problems:
> 1. How to add a new sidebar module to konqueror?
> As mentioned by David in earlier letter, there is a sample plugin in
> test/, but that there is no *.so at test/.libs after compilation. (I'm
> using kdebase-3.4.1). It seems that some stuff is missing. Is there
> any config file that I should manually create to add a new plugin?
> 2. Is there any high level graph lib that I can use?
> Obvious, the classes used by existing konqueror sidebar plugin does no
> fit mine. What i what is a lib/class giving a set of nodes and edges,
> it could draw a graph. It is idea if the nodes and edges of the graph
> can be manipulated(delete, move, etc) when clicked. Is there any
> similar programs that I can use for reference or any classes that meet
> my need?
> Cheers!
> Keith

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