KRO status report #2

David Moreno Montero david at
Fri Aug 5 17:25:43 CEST 2005


Latest added features to KRO include a signal list (all signals emmited 
by the observed program go there), a detailed view and a preliminary 
signal-object view.

Actually all my work is concentrated on the last part, the signal-object 
view, but I didn't knew how hard is to draw graphs correctly. The actual 
implemented one, is just a quick one to be able to see something, but 
I'm working on getting one better.

All changes are at trunk/playground/utils/kro/ at the KDE subversion 
repository. Also tar.gz and deb are at my home page:

After the signal-object view is finished (or at least good enought) I 
will add both filters and searches.

The best way to know how is it going it to try it. If you do, send me a 
note with your impressions, please.

Next week I'll be on vacation, so dont expect any development. ;)


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