KSpread's engine - report 3

Tomas Mecir mecirt at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 12:28:30 CEST 2005

Another week, another report.
Previous report were only on planetsoc.com, together with project
description. Figured that I'm not THAT much lazy after all, so I'm
also copy/pasting the report to here :>

No big activity this week. Fixed a zillion of various small bugs and
other problems with some functions, mostly range ones, so that they
work correctly and are more excel-compatible (hmpf).
 Also some preparations for other stuff - improved support for arrays
a big, so that sparse arrays don't occupy so much memory - this will
also allow for much faster computations over sparse arrays later on
(not sure if it'll be a part of the SoC project, will see).

As for my further plans, I want to have a look at the currently
disabled functions, add range identification support to the formula
parser, and with the help of it, enable these functions (reference and
database functions, mostly). Then, I'll switch over to matrix
functions and displaying of arrays.

As for the planned formula tester, I didn't work on that one yet,
postponing it until later, as I want to get more features done first.

/ Tomas

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