Koto: progress report

Iain Dooley mail at iaindooley.com
Wed Aug 3 06:20:31 CEST 2005

hi all, so i have started the actual process of producing some code 
after a largely informational/learning orientated first half of the 
project. i'm pretty confident using C++ now, and have created a couple 
of little test apps that make classes available to ruby from C++.

i'm now working on building a Qt application that will serve as my 
'proof of concept' for the koto system.

It is a model builder that allows you to dynamically create a 
mathematical model, and then adjust parameters with sliders in a GUI. 
like the Solver in excel.

Once it's written in Qt, i will then re-implement it as a dynamically 
loaded GUI/C++ library scripted with Ruby. This will then be Koto.

The next step will be building the server side and distributing the 
application over a network.



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