[Brainstorm] Call for scripts for kontact suite ....

Kun Xi bookstack at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 22:37:48 CEST 2005

Hello all,

Do you ever have a pity that there is no alternative PIM suite that
supports macro just as MS Outlook does? Now here is one option,
Kontact with Javascript support. Here is a brief introduction of this
        Common scripting/plugin subsystem for Kontact

And this howto would help you to understand what is going on under the hood:
	HOWTO Add scripting support in Kontact  <http://www.planetsoc.com/node/163>

If you ever dream to add some neat features to your Kontact, and
cold-feet to launch vi/gcc/gdb. OK, now it is a good chance to express
your brilliant ideas using pseudo code, just like this:

// Block any mail from foo.com
OnNewMailArrived( mail )
  if mail.Sender come from foo.com

You don't need to care for the detail, just describe the panorama of
object map, method, property you expects. We are going to consider you
suggestion during the development.

Best regards,

Kun Xi
<bookstack at gmail.com>

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