Settings stuff

Piotr Szymański niedakh at
Tue Aug 2 19:45:31 CEST 2005

I have 10 small .la's

All of them contain a KConfigXT object. I want to load them at startup to 
allow configuration of all backend's in oKular.

The problem is, how do I give the access to the settings from a loaded 

I will use KLibLoader to load all of the .la's, can I now be sure that the 
static methods of the KConfigXT object, are available? Lets say I have 
GVSettings::antialiasing(), how do I access it without having to link my 
generator lib to the relevant .la that hold the KConfigXT?

Piotr Szymański
niedakh at
CS student at Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology, 
Wroclaw University of technology, Poland

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