soc-kontact-scripting progress on July 31

Kun Xi bookstack at
Mon Aug 1 11:21:20 CEST 2005

Hello Mentors,

We have made great progress this week. It is a good time to summarize
the achievement in this month and look forward to the next month :-)

  Script for Kontact works fine.
  Script for KAB works fine in both stand-alone and plugin mode
  The scripts for Kontact are populated in Kontact's "Add-ons" Menu
  The scripts for KAB are populated in KAB's "Add-ons" Menu in stand-alone mode
  The scripts for KAB are populated in Kontact's "Add-ons" Menu in plugin mode

In a word, the basic architecture for the scripting works !

  Tutorial for how to develop scripts.
  Tutorial for how to add script support in other components in Kontact.
   -- These would be released on the in few days.

  Design the object map for Kontact components.
     Call for the users and developers' advices.
     Call for scripts for testing

  Security issue
    In full mode, the script even can access private member. As you
know, the access is determined in compile time, not run time.

  Scripts' dependency
    The dependency involves two folds: 
       1) the dependency on the specific components. For example,
script A depends on KAB and KMail, when A is executed, the KMail has
never been selected by the user, therefore, the part has not been
exposed to the script namespace, of course, A is doomed to fail. -- it
is the developer's responsibility to catch the exception and rollback.
But is there any possibility for us to provide a load-on-demand
mechanism to load the plugin during the script execution ?
       2) dependency on other script. Is there a #include or import in JS ?

Best regards,

Kun Xi

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