[Kde-scm-interest] the permissions confusion

Michael Jansen kde at michael-jansen.biz
Sun Dec 13 20:35:28 CET 2009

On Sunday 13 December 2009 17:58:33 Chani wrote:
> > As far as the KDE core modules go, I believe we
> > still have no real decision on whether we should
> > make per-app repositories or per-module reposito-
> it seemed clear to me on december 2nd that per-module was the decision.
> sorry, we haven't been too good at keeping meeting minutes. :)

And i still think there should be a real decision by all devs. Even those not working on the git 

I don't think for something affecting each and every developer the rule "He who codes  (does the 
work) decides" applies.

There is still much discussion and uncertainty when it comes to the migration. Some people try to 
make the migration, some still don't know why we need it and what we gain by doing it and what we 
lose by doing it. There currently seems to be a let's do it now, even if we are not really prepared 
or have really thought about all consequences mood. At least you could get the impression. That's 
why i am currently wary of the migration.

Therefore i strongly recommed writing up a paper explaining the difference / pro and contras of 
splitting modules as much as possible and keeping the current module sizes, determine the developers 
allowed to vote and do a vote. This should be done to prevent a split in our community when 2 years 
from now people will still complain about the migration forced on us and done wrong whenever the 
slightest problem comes up. 

The migration from cvs to svn was a no brainer. But switching to git is a different beast. If the 
people doing the migration fail to address the fears of the other devs i think we have the potential 
for a big drift loss for our community. The switch to git means a big switch in the way we work 
together. Therefore we shoud have a vote. I would like to hear the cries of the git supporters if 
someone decides to sponsor 10 developers to migrate kde to bzr or mercurial and just does it.


Without a vote i'm against the git migration. And i would vote for the git migration if it is done 
right (whatever that means in my opinion). I would prefer the status quo otherwise.


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